MOVE – Allows you to move a track’s position in a track list. (For instance you could move Track 5 to Track 2.)

The video above demonstrates what happens when you perform a track move edit on a minidisc recorder. On the top line you can see we have five tracks & on the second line we also have five tracks but in a different order.

The track numbers will always stay in the same order, ascending sequentially.

Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, Track 4 & so forth until you get to the last track on the disc & can go no further.

But on the bottom line you can see we have moved Track 5 into Track 2’s position. The old Track 2 is pushed on & now becomes Track 3, Track 3 becomes Track 4 & Track 4 becomes track 5.


This diagram demonstrates the same thing only this time Track 5 is being moved into Track 3’s position.

Computer equivalent: Click & drag the audio file to the point on the timeline that you require it.

UNDO – A minidisc recorder allows you one level of undo, so that if you are unhappy with your last edit you can undo it.

A computer allows infinite levels of undo & the ability to save different version of your edits as you work.