Wavelength has the symbol of the Greek letter Lambda & its symbol looks like this - λ

Frequency, velocity & wavelength are related & if you know any two of these for a given sound you can work out the third using the equation as follows.


Question 1: A sound has a frequency of 440 Hz what is its wavelength?

Answer: Wavelength = Velocity (340 meteres per second) divided by Frequency (440 Hz) which is 0.77 metres

Question 2: A soundwave has a wavelength of 5 metres, what is its frequency?

Answer: Frequency = Velocity (340 m/s) divided by Wavelength (5 metres) which is 68 Hz


So far we have been looking at single sounds in isolation, but in the real world obviously, you can have several sounds occurring at the same time. Phase deals with how 2 or more sounds interact together either constructively or destructively. Please view the video below to get an idea what phase is.